Theatre of Europe

Where outstanding directors from the continent work with British creatives to stage new European productions in the UK.

Theatre of Europe commissions leading theatre directors from the continent with British creatives to premiere European work for a UK audience. The aim of the project is to widen access to continental European theatre practise within mainstream British theatre and we are working with some of the most exciting artists across the continent and in the UK to achieve this. Each project is developed over several years of research to build long-term relationships with the UK performing arts, to facilitate a return for the directors from continental Europe with new projects in the future and to open doors to working on the continent for participating British artists.

Over the last two years Theatre of Europe has put together an ambitious programme of artists from six different European countries in partnership with leading theatres across the UK.

Supported by the European Commission, the European Union National Institutes for Culture, Arts Council England, Institut Français, Goethe Institut, Romanian Cultural Institute, Embassy of Denmark, Italian Cultural Institute and the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

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March 2013 / Athina Kasiou  residency in London
Theatre of Europe’s first residency took place in March 2013 led by a Cypriot theatre director, Athina Kasiou. Athina is Artistic Director of OPEN ARTS where she directes and produces pioneering big scale site-specific productions in Cyprus. She is also regularly invited to direct for the National Theatre of Cyprus where she collaborates with acclaimed international artists. For Theatre of Europe Athina is developing a new site-specific adaptation of the classic play by Pirandello, SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR in which she will involve members of the audience arriving in cars and characters hitch-hiking their way into the story.
Read Athina Kasiou Interview

September 2013 /CH(OSE)/HERE BE LIONS residency in London

In September 2013 Theatre of Europe hosted a theatre director and playwright Stéphane Olry and choreographer Corine Miret from France. CH(OSE) / HIC SUNT LEONES, or CH(OSE)/HERE BE LIONS was created for the 2012 Festival d’Avignon following two years (on and off) in residence at the only hospice for multi-handicapped children in France, l’hôpital de La Roche-Guyon. Out of this experience came two very complementary and uplifting creations. For Theatre of Europe, Neil Bartlett is developing the translation of this piece and the creative team behind it came to London over a week in September 2013 to research and develop the project. Their powerful, moving and visceral creation will travel to London as part of Theatre of Europe, translated to English, with a London-based actress and singer.
Read interview with Stephane Olry, Corine Miret and Bernadette Marthelot

June 2014 / Radu Afrim in London
Theatre of Europe invited Radu Afrim for a 1-week residency in London in June 2014. Radu is an emblematic figure and an enfant terrible of a new generation of Romanian theatre directors- as described by Randy Gener for American Theatre magazine. He is one of the most talked-about directors on the Continent, Radu Afrim has gained international recognition and his bold and sometimes controversial work has been hosted by some of Europe’s most renowned theatres. He is also intrumental in presenting writers such as Dea Loher, Vassily Sigarev, Hanoch Levin, Jon Fosse and David Greig to the Romanian public.
Read more about Radu Afrim here

June 2015 / UK Premiere of d(ARE) / Here be Lions (9 – 27 June 2015)
Theatre of Europe in co-production with Print Room at the Coronet presents the UK Premiere of d(ARE) / Here be Lions, a fusion of immersive theatre and dance that explores the feelings, thoughts and sensations of young people living with sensory deficiency. Featuring dance from Sandrine Buring and text translated by Neil Bartlett. Read more about the project here

July 2015 / BE READY! led by Teatro Sotterraneo, in association with Chelsea Theatre (11 – 25 July 2015) Theatre of Europe and Chelsea Theatre worked with Italian theatre company Teatro Sotterraneo to offer a free two week intensive training in drama leading to the creation of a brand new piece of theatre. Directors Claudio CirriSara Bonaventura and Daniele Villa developed the piece with a group of 16 – 20 year olds from across London and presented the play at Chelsea Theatre on Friday 24 July. Read more here