EUNICast: Meet Visionary Europeans

A podcast series of EUNIC (European National Institutes for Culture) London featuring leading European personalities living in the United Kingdom, reflecting on social, economic and political changes during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

Each episode features a 40 min in- depth interview, conducted by the award-winning BBC journalist Joe Lynam, with representatives of culture, social sciences, economics, sociology, psychology, medicine and history, analysing the current situation and its impact on society in terms of their field and reflect on future developments.

Interviewees include: Paavo Jarvi , Tamara Rojo, John Tusa, Tomo Keller, Silke Ackermann, Gaspard Koenig, Julia Griffin and Lina Lapelyte.

The first eight episodes will be released in Spring 2021. For more updates please stay tuned!