EUNIC AI Science Café Series 2021

EUNIC AI Science Cafe Series 2021

The new EUNIC AI Science Café Series aims to present current and timely topics alongside the proposals for innovative, bold and inspirational solutions to tackle key issues. The contributors are experts from the EUNIC member states, many of whom represent international teams and their counterparts from the United Kingdom.

Artificial Intelligence is the new phenomenon of the 21st century and has evolved out of the realm of science fiction and at best, a few technologically advanced minds and IT professionals, to everyday topics of discussion and one of the key drivers of the future progress of humankind.

The objective of the AI Science Café series, which will consist of presentations and debates by high profile, world acclaimed European and UK experts, is to introduce, present and publicly discuss various topics that impact our professional as well as our personal lives. As AI topics clearly generate more questions than answers, the series will strive to unveil trends and expectations from the inevitable social and technological changes which the future will bring.

AI & ETHICS: The first talk, on Ethics of Artificial Intelligence hosted by the Austrian Cultural Forum together with the Czech Centre on the 13th April,  invites you to learn more about the ethical impact of the use of artificial intelligence with philosophers & AI experts Janina Loh, Charlotte Stix and Dita Malečková. The virtual event will be chaired by Erin Young from The Alan Turing Institute. More info here. 

AI & ART: The second talk of the series on 12th May 2021, invites you to learn more about the impact of AI on our creativity and art with artists and AI experts Marie du Chastel, Mario Klingemann and Jana Horakova. The virtual event will be chaired by Melanie Lenz, curator of Digital Art at the V&A Museum. Organized in collaboration with the WBI, Goethe Institute and the Czech Centre. More info and registration here. 

AI & SMART MOBILITY: The third talk of the series on 8th June 2021, invites you to learn more about the future of smart mobility and its implications with Laura Ruotsalainen from University of Helsinki, Michal Čáp from MIT spin-off isee AI and Zsolt Szalay from Budapest University of Technology. The virtual event will be chaired by Michael Keith, Director of COMPAS at the University of Oxford. Organized in collaboration with Finnish Institute, Hungarian Cultural Centre and Czech Centre.

AI & PERSONAL AND CYBERSECURITY: The fourth talk of the series on 29th September 2021, invites you to learn more about the threats and risks in online environment and most efficient approaches of cyber security and privacy with Karoliina Ainge, Cybersecurity and Technology Lead at Independent Diplomat, Dr Luis Espinosa-Anke from Cardiff University and Jiří Berger, forensic expert in Cybersecurity. The virtual event will be chaired by PhD. Joanna J. Bryson, the Professor of Ethics and Technology at Hertie School of Governance.

AI & Theatre: The final event of the series took place on the 21st October 2021, inviting the audience to learn more about the collaboration between AI and theatre with artists and AI experts Piotr Mirowski (DeepMind, Improbotics), Marcel Karnapke (CyberRäuber) and Rudolf Rosa (THEaiTRE).  The virtual event was chaired by Tracy Harwood, Professor of Digital Culture at the De Montfort University and director of the award-winning Art AI Festival. Organised in collaboration with the Polish Cultural Institute, Goethe Institute and the Czech Centre.

The EUNIC AI SCIENCE CAFE SERIES is organised under the leadership of the Czech Centre London.