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Virtual Dance Performance: Layaz

The Austrian Cultural Forum is pleased to present  Editta Braun Company‘s powerful dance production ‘Layaz’ which explores unknown territory and links artistic exploration and development with questions of identity, freedom and the ‘other’, inherent in each of us.

In the beginning there is a doll-like, veiled silhouette. What lives and vibrates under the cocoon of layers, at once protection and prison? Expectations, dreams and longings are transformed into energy. Little by little the body begins to move, the covers are dropped and the shackles are broken. A young woman searches for expression and discovers the potential that lies within her body.

She is not alone. Sometimes close, sometimes from a distance, at first like a shadow, then distinctly different, a second figure observes and accompanies her development along the way. A mirror image, an alter ego, perhaps memory, projection or simply a friend. The complicity and wordless communication between the two different women is an expression of female solidarity that transcends boundaries of any kind.

The dancer Cat Jimenez, experienced in urban dance and the discipline of “battle”, combines an originally deeply masculine and strongly coded aesthetic with contemporary feminist dance. The Austrian choreographer and dancer Editta Braun returns to the stage and resumes the alter ego.

Dance, performance, choreography: Cat Jimenez
Alter ego: Editta Braun
Idea, artistic direction: Editta Braun

Co-production: L’Estruch Sabadell, Fábrica de creación (Spain)


April 6
May 6


Austrian Cultural Forum
28 Rutland Gate
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