This region, rich with the history of the border reivers of the debatable lands, the roman garrisons of Hadrian’s Wall, and dramatic elopements to Gretna Green, has other, fresher stories to tell. How does its often romanticised past inform the Scottish borders’ present, and to whom do its stories old and new actually belong?

Gretna: A taster of a new collaboration between Théâtre Volière, Katie Hale, and Lori Watson. Gretna is an ongoing project exploring the culture of the region from the perspective of the women so often written out of its history. The actors of the Marchland Arms Company present a staging of Katie’s recent poetry for the project, inspired by her visits to the area around Gretna Green, and accompanied by Lori’s music.

The Meaningful Merse: Dr Eila Williamson, from the University of Glasgow, gives a talk about her work on the REELS project; ‘Recovering the Earliest English Language in Scotland’. A fascinating look at how history’s great, long term shifts in ethnic and cultural identity are often written in to the localised placenames, folk memory and dialects of Europe’s border regions.
Lori Watson: Scottish music specialist Lori Watson closes this session and the weekend for us with her duo performing folk music from the coasts and borders of Scotland. A haunting collision between traditional music and found, ambient sound, in a performance ranging from the intimate to the epic.