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In Short, Europe: Loving Encounters ONLINE

Watch the online version of this year’s In Short, Europe: Loving Encounters short film festival taking place from the 21st- 28th May on EUNIC’S Vimeo platform.

This year’s edition includes shorts from 24 European countries in animation, fiction and documentary and is a celebration of relationships however weird and wonderful, a celebration of loving encounters!

Curated by Shira MacLeod and organised by EUNIC London in partnership with the Delegation of the European Union to the United Kingdom.


Partners in Time: Looking at unusual connections and situations with unlikely relationships. Rating: U

  1. Cat & Bird / Saka Sy Vorona, DE
    Franka Sachse, Germany, 2021, 7 mins, animation
  1. Cuckoo! / Koekoek, NL
    Jörgen Scholtens, Netherlands, 2019, 8 mins, comedy, with subtitles
  1. I am Here / Sunt Aici, RO
    Alina Manolache, Romania, 2020, 14 mins, documentary, with subtitles
  1. The Best Orchestra in the World, AT
    Henning Backhaus, Austria, 2020, 14 mins, comedy, with subtitles
  1. Combing / Šukavimas, LT
    Eglė Davidavičė, Lithuania, 2019, 5 mins, animation
  1. Silence, IE
    TJ O’Grady-Peyton, Ireland, 2020, 14 mins, drama
  1. London Holidays / Londonas Brīvdienas, LV
    Jānis Cimmermanis, Latvia, 2019, 11 mins, animation

With or Without You: Looking at intimacy in relationships bringing both pleasure, pain but ultimately joy. Rating: 15+

  1. Love, Dad, CZ
    Diana Cam Van Nguyen, Czech Republic, 2021, 12 mins, animation, with subtitles
  1. Are You Hungry? / Onko sulla nälkä?, FI
    Teemu Niukkanen, Finland, 2019, 12 mins, drama, with subtitles
  1. First Light, MT
    Christopher Sammut, Malta, 2021, 3 mins, thriller
  1. The Fabric of You, UK
    Josephine Lohoar Self, United Kingdom, 2019, 11 mins, animation
  2. 180/100, HU
    Nándor Lörincz and Bálint Nagy, Hungary, 2011, 25 mins, comedy
  3. Territory of Empty Windows / Terytoriya pustykh vikon, UKR
    Zoya Laktionova, Ukraine, 2021, 10min documentary, with subtitles
  1. Nuclear Family / Famille Nucleaire, BE
    Faustine Crespy, Belgium, 2020, 19 mins, drama, with subtitles
  1. When the Moon was Gibbous, DK
    Erika Grace Strada, Denmark, 2021, 3 mins, animation
  1. Nothing Ever Really Ends, NO
    Jakob Rørvik, Norway, 2016, 23 mins, drama, with subtitles
  2. Svonni vs the Swedish Tax Agency / Svonni vs Skatteverket, SE
    Maria Fredriksson, Sweden, 2020, 5 mins, documentary, with subtitles

A Match Made in Heaven: Looking at relationships which have profoundly affected, changed or influenced one or other party. Rating: 15+

  1. A Summer Place, CY
    Alexandra Matheou, Cyprus, 2021, 20 mins, drama, with subtitles
  1. Bach-Hông, FR
    Elsa Duhamel, France, 2019, 18 mins, animation, with subtitles 
  1. And So The Night Will Fall / Asi vendra la noche, ES
    Ángel Santos, Spain, 2021, 13 mins, drama, with subtitles
  2. Into the Blue / Uplavetnilo, HR
    Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic, Croatia, 2017, 22 mins, drama, with subtitles
  3. Stork / Toonekurg, EE
    Morten Tšinakov and Lucija Mrzlijak, Estonia, 2020, 16 mins, animation
  4. Beyond Is the Day / Dalej jest dzien, PL
    Damian Kocur, Poland, 2020, 25 mins, drama, no rating, with subtitles
  5. The Bull / Bik, SI
    Bojan Labovic, Slovenia, 2019, 12 mins, drama, with subtitles

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