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AI Science Café Series 2020 With Tomáš Krajník

:Chronorobotics – enabling robots to adapt to changing environments with Tomáš Krajník

For efficient long-term operation, robots need to adapt to the changes characteristic of natural and human-populated environments. We will present methods which enable robots to build and maintain spatio-temporal models of environmental dynamics and predict the future states of the environment they operate in. We will demonstrate how these capabilities contribute to the lifelong learning of socially intelligent behaviours, improve the efficiency of robot operation and increase their acceptance by the people they work with. We will focus on human-centric representations of time, and methods which can introduce the notion of dynamics to the environmental models used by state-of-the-art robots.

Tom Krajnik works in the mobile robotics domain with a particular focus on long-term mobile robot navigation in changing environments. He has proposed several methods of representing the uncertainty of changing environments leading to the gradual improvement of mobile robot efficiency over time. He has designed and implemented software libraries for reliable visual navigation and tracking, which have been used by the roboticists of NASA, EPFL, KIT, AIT and many others, and contributed to the success of the Czech Technical University team during the MBZIRC and the DARPA Challenges. He actively cooperates with several UK universities and industries as well as with research institutes across the globe.

Artificial Intelligence is the new phenomenon of the 21st century and has evolved out of the realm of science fiction and at best, a few technologically advanced minds and IT professionals, to everyday topics of discussion and one of the key drivers of the future progress of humankind. The objective of the  AI Science Café series, which will consist of five presentations by high profile, world acclaimed experts, is to introduce, present and publicly discuss various topics that impact our professional as well as our personal lives. As AI topics clearly generate more questions than answers, the series will strive to unveil trends and expectations from the inevitable social and technological changes which the future will bring.

The AI Science Cafe Series  is kindly supported by AVAST


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