ELN 2010

European Literature Night II (12 May 2010)

One of EUNIC London key projects, the annual European Literature Night took place simultaneously across European capitals on the 12th of May to celebrate European literature in a genuine trans-European event. In London, writers from the Czech Republic, Italy, France, Hungary, Poland and Romania, introduced by their patrons, have read their books and engage in a vivid debate with the audience.

Hosted by the British Library, the event was chaired by writer and presenter Rosie Goldsmith. the European Literature Night has presented for one night an electrifying evening of readings and conversation from some superlative writers, both emerging and established. The authors: Jacek Dehnel (Poland), Otto de Kat (Netherlands), Paolo Giordano (Italy), Georgi Gospodinov (Bulgaria), Julya Rabinowich (Austria), Giedra Radvilaviciute, (Lithuania) and Milos Urban (Czech Rep.).