#SharedEurope – Celebrating Europe in the UK


With the end of March ever looming, we here at EUNIC London are making a commitment to highlight the rich culture and opportunity for shared values between the United Kingdom and our neighbours in Europe. We believe that as a network of European Cultural Institutes, we are stronger working together and should celebrate what we share rather than what we don’t.

It is for these reasons that we announce the launch of our signature campaign: #SharedEurope. This campaign is all about showing the uniqueness of every country in Europe, while also showing what we share in values, culture, and art. Overall, the campaign will focus on promoting events held by our members that are centered on promoting European identity and shared culture, on showcasing European artists that demonstrate these shared values, and on highlighting initiatives in London that share our mission for European unity.

Ways to Get Involved

Want to know more about the campaign and join in? Here are a few ways:

  1. Check out our events on our website! At the top of the event page, we are now highlighting special events leading up to March. Look out for the hashtag #SharedEurope in the event title.
  2. Join the conversation on social media. What do you think makes Europe special? Share what you think on social media with #SharedEurope and tag us (@EUNICLondon).
  3. Support European artists in your area. Whether you’re from London like us or beyond, there are European artists who are showcasing their unique voices. Follow our page or check out the Cultural Institutes in your area for events, meet and greets, and talks.

Keep an eye on our social media pages for more updates on this campaign and more! We will be posting #SharedEurope content every day on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

So, will you be joining in on the campaign? Let us know how you’ll be supporting the #SharedEurope campaign in the comments below or on social media with the hashtag #SharedEurope!